Why Hand Washing is So Important That it Can Imply a Move Or Are unsuccessful on the CNA Examination

June 22, 2023

Right after you’ve completed the written portion of the CNA Exam, the strain will carry on to mount – physically, mentally, and emotionally. And there will be 1 task left to complete. Aside from respecting the resident’s privateness, and providing basic safety and convenience, cleanliness is a prime priority. Why? To prevent the resident from getting unwell, as properly as protecting against the unfold of illness to other people. Infectious diseases, numerous of which are unfold by unclean hands, remain the top trigger of dying globally and the 3rd-foremost lead to of dying in the United States.

You will be component of the wellness treatment team. Well being treatment workers’ main objective is to make sure the resident’s safety, dignity, and privacy. Examination takers are envisioned to wash their palms prior to and following bodily speak to with the resident. CNA examination takers already know the importance of hand washing because it is taught by class instructors during education. Nevertheless, numerous CNA examination takers failed the scientific exam both because they do not adhere to the correct treatment for hand washing, or they are so pressured and anxious to the extent that they overlook essential information of hand washing. It is typical to really feel anxious and pressured in the course of the exam, but you should remain focused and feel keep in mind your coaching.


Steer clear of utilizing acrylic nails and other ‘fake’ nails, this kind of as guidelines, which are not permitted anymore in most well being care options, due to the truth that they harbor germs. Evaluate the skills in mind that lathering the soap and washing your hands with cleanse drinking water need to get a highest of twenty seconds. Some state evaluators are extremely specific about hand washing and hence require it to be performed inside twenty seconds. Dependent on the genuine daily life experience of one particular person who took the CNA examination, she did not go the abilities exam simply because she only washed her fingers for fifteen seconds. How unlucky that was for her. It is therefore not possible to anticipate the normal for every state evaluator. Hand washing is a reasonably simple method, but if not carried out correctly, it could stop up becoming the purpose for your failure. So to be on the risk-free aspect, clean your arms for twenty seconds. In any scenario, there is certainly no harm in having a handful of more seconds to comprehensive the procedure.

For Hand Washing: (Do not neglect!!!)

Set aside some paper towels just before you get started
Switch on the drinking water and use a reasonable volume of cleaning soap
Clean palms completely, up to the wrists and underneath your fingernails for at least twenty seconds
Make positive fingernails are positioned downward for water to drip off of, then tear off paper towels and dry your hands
Use a paper towel to flip the drinking water on and off. Despite the fact that these steps may seem to be in depth and petty, the examiner will be seeing for each and every of them, so never reduce corners
Keep fingernails trimmed. Extended nails harbor germs!
The best way to grasp this ability is via apply. You can apply this talent at home. Make your own simulation and examine. Washing your hands effectively allows your examiner know that you care about keeping cleanliness and avoiding the transfer of germs to your patients or citizens.

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