Asus Laptop Reviews – Asus UL30A-X3 Ultra Thin 13.3-inch Laptop (11 Hours Battery Life)

May 21, 2023


Details: The Asus UL30A-X3 PC is one of Asus’ most recent super thin work area model that is extremely popular these days. This 13.3-inch model is controlled by a 1.3Ghz Intel SU7300 processor. It additionally accompanies 4GB of Smash and 320GB stockpiling. This model boats with a conveying case and an optical mouse. Its 13.3-inch is a HD screen with a 1366 x 768 goal. It likewise has the vast majority of the standard exhibit of ports that incorporate Bluetooth 2.1, wi-fi (802.11 b/g/n), and 3 USB ports. It even has a HDMI result and card peruser.


Plan: The Asus UL30A-X3 PC is essential for the new ages of light and very thin journals. It measures at 12.9 x 9.3 x 1 inches and weighs simply 3.7 pounds. It is a very minuscule PC model and has comparative focuses on the Mac MacBook Air. This 12v 10ah battery pack is predominantly silver in variety. Just the screen bezel and they keys on the console are dark in variety.


Highlights and Execution: The Asus UL30A-X3 is lighter than any normal measured workstations. Truth be told it is as convenient yet considerably more remarkable than a netbook. Its arrangement of strong specs empowers it to run numerous weighty applications that are impractical on a netbook. Because of its size, it doesn’t accompany an optical drive. The most noteworthy element on the Asus UL30A-X3 is its astounding battery duration. Its battery can endure up to 11-12 hours on a solitary charge. That is really great by any norms. I would agree that that this in itself is sufficient of a justification behind you to get one of this. All things considered, the Asus UL30A-X3 PC is a generally excellent thin note pad model, complete with an in vogue plan, strong specs and an extraordinary sticker price!

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